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April 6, 2016
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  • ESC Programming on Arduino (Hobbyking ESC)

    Hi, just starting out with this and I would like to confirm that my motor is being under powered.... is so any ideas why...so i have a Sunnysky x2212-13 9800ii motor and a WST blheli20A esc, the esc can handle 2-4s lipo. i am powering the esc with a power supply set to 14.8v. so with your provided code the motor starts up correctly and runs within the mapped ranges of 0 and 179. but when the motor is running at its highest range right before the esc turns the motor off because it is out of range (***guess...) the motor is only pulling .6 amps. which falls quite short of the manufactures spec sheet of 14.9 amps @14.8v. is this normal operation or is it not reaching its full potential. i have put a prop on it and it does have some pull but i was kinda expecting more......Thanks in advance for any help

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