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I work as a computer and network technician. I hold CompTIA certifications A+, Network+ and Security+. Aside from work, I enjoy working on high performance RC cars, my quadcopter and my aquariums. Favorite Quotation....... Never argue with an idiot, they will drag you down to their level then beat you with experience


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    How to Drive Safely in a Snowstorm

    Most of your advice is great. Especially slow down and don't make any sudden inputs (throttle, breaks, steering).The only bad thing that you suggested is to not clean off the snow from your vehicle's roof. That is foolish and irresponsible. With your car being very warm inside, the snow on the roof melts a bit then refreezes when you park. This creates a thick layer of ice that can easily break free once you reach highway speeds.You mentioned that you have not heard of snow causing an accident. I live in northern Alberta, Canada. Incidents like this make the news once or twice each winter. Here are four videos showing exactly what can happen if you are irresponsible and leave snow on the roof of your vehicle.

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