• Slatts Rescue Belt v2.0 - improved non-skew version

    Ways to make this great survival belt even better.I am definitely a fan of wire saws (the good quality ones that are multi-stranded and have swivels). They are light weight, compact, and much more efficient than an axe. So here is a way to include a wire saw in your survival belt.Start making the belt as described in this instructable. After you have several inches of belt woven, you are ready to start including the wire saw. Prepare the wire saw as follows. Remove the large rings (typically split rings for holding keys). Trim a piece of 1/4" diameter heat shrink tubing to fit the length of your wire saw and slide it over the entire length of the saw. (You can get three foot lengths of shrink tubing at your local electronic components store for about $2.) Using a heat gun, lighter or candle, shrink the tubing as much as you can without scorching it. The tubing will safely cover the saw without damaging it and simultaneously protect the paracord from getting chafed by the saw. Now lay the tubing-covered saw on your belt and weave two rows across the top of it, followed by two rows that cross under it. Continue weaving your belt while alternating two rows above the saw and two rows under the saw. When you get to the end of the saw, just finish weaving the belt to the length you want. The saw is captured in the belt and won't go anywhere. If you ever need to deploy the paracord from your belt, the presence of the saw will not interfere at all. The saw will simply drop off the belt as it unravels.If you want to include the large rings that came with the saw, attach them to the belt by weaving a couple of stitches through each one as you weave the belt where the saw isn't located.You can also stick a ferro rod through a row of loops near one end (or each end) of the belt before you tighten them. Use a ferro rod with a hole in one end and tie a small cord or thong through the hole and the belt to ensure the ferro rod never slips out accidentally. If you use 100% cotton string for this, you can unravel the string and fuzz it up to use as tinder.

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