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  • How to stealthly adapt a common orthopedic cane for self defense

    If you A) need a cane, and B) anticipate using it for self defense, then why adapt a flimsy orthopedic "granny/gramps" cane? They bend easily and are not intended for any kind of rough use...especially clubbing someone who may turn you into a human popsicle with it when they shove it where the sun don't shine. Go to your local Tractor Supply, AgWay, or whatever your farm/ranch stores are called and buy a crook neck livestock can. They are made from hickory, are more durable, cheaper, and provide much better body support than 'ortho' canes. Wail away all you want with it...it won't break. Best of all, without mods, no LEO in the country can argue it is a weapon. Oh, and that bolt you mentioned? Slip that into a pocket. Voila! You now also have a kubotan that doesn't look like one. ;)

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