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  • Using an ESP8266 to Control Mains Sockets Using 433mhz Transmitter and Receiver

    Do you need a logic level shifter for this project? I'm asking because ESP8266 is 3.3V and these RF modules are 5V

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  • WizziL commented on sfrwmaker's instructable The hakko t12 controller10 months ago
    The hakko t12 controller

    Hello @sfrmaker, do you ever measure the coil value? I want to build such controller but I think it will be easier just to buy similar coil. Thanks!

    sfrwmaker, maybe you miss-understand my question, I love your project and I'm building it, the only component that I still don't have is the coil - that is the reason why I'm asking about it's inductivity value, I'm NOT asking about it's price. My idea is to search for already made coil with similar/"just a bit" bigger inductivity value, if I can't find such coil, I will build one based on the details from your project.

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