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Goodhart6 years ago
I was just thinking,  the last line of your "description" in your profile says: 

I live a life of contradictions, and I love every day of it.

and you could complete that line with:   "...or do I? "

hardlec6 years ago
How has the PVC chain armor project been going?

Have you tried using patterns that incorporate solid rings?
Wolf Seril (author)  hardlec6 years ago
I actually haven't worked on that in years...
schetleft7 years ago
hey do you have a youtube? i saw someone make chainmail out of metal maybe it's u
Wolf Seril (author)  schetleft7 years ago
No I don't have any videos like that on YouTube. My YouTube account name (and every other account i have on the internet) is the same name I have here- Wolf Seril
u wouldnt happen to have an FA would you?
Wolf Seril (author)  Meroki7 years ago
I'm guessing no, since I don't know what that is. Facebook Account? Fan Art? Fourth Arm?
fur affinity >>
Wolf Seril (author)  Meroki7 years ago
I actually realized that like half an hour after I replied. Umm I actually am not sure. I might have made one just to see someone's gallery or something. I do enjoy anthro.
oh you do? awesome! okay case when i replied to your confusion i was all liek err....
Wolf Seril (author)  Meroki7 years ago
Yeah sorry about that. I know how that feels.
NYPA7 years ago
i like the song hotel California. I didn't know that you don't live there.
Wolf Seril (author) 8 years ago
Coming soon- Painting an Airsoft Rifle How to stretch My ghillie suit (slideshow, probably) Modular PVC perioscope
Wolf Seril (author)  Wolf Seril7 years ago
Nevermind about how to stretch, and im not sure about the periscope.
thebboy8 years ago
can u post body armour out of knex? i'm working on something like it, but i don't think i'll have enough pieces.