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March 19, 2015
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  • WolfBaginski commented on Raltel's instructable Steampunk Network Center5 months ago
    Steampunk Network Center

    The problem with the aerial is that even metallic paint/ink can spoil things, but maybe some shoe polish, brown rather than black, fixed with an light overspray of varnish, would be a good fit. Get a leather look rather than plastic. I'd go for a shade a bit different to the wood, and maybe you don't need the fixer-spray.Something I would think about is RFI. You can get conductive shielding paint, but if the inside of the original plastic casings is just plastic, I doubt there's any need. It is rather expensive.The fan airflow pattern might be a factor. A baffle plate over the circuit boards could help keep the air moving over the circuit boards, but do the two intakes spoil that? I've been replacing the fans on an old rack-mount switch, and that has intake on one side, extractor fans on the other, all nice and simple. Also, with new fans, silent.

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