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  • Make a Hardwood Floor that looks 3D from your OWN Trees

    Ok, so I didn't start from scratch like you did, but I really love the tumbling block pattern. On my first attempt at it, I made the table. I was not sure how many diamonds I would need so I cut a tremendous amount; as I knew there would be other applications from the design. I used my left over pieces to make the Pig. The pig got so many good reviews from friends and family I decided to try the design in shades of pink to make the flamingo. I truly enjoy "quilting in wood." I am currently working on one of the designs in your "Making Dementia Puzzles for My Dad," post. http://www.instructables.com/id/Making-Dementia-Puzzles-for-my-Dad/ Thanks for your explanations and creative inspiration. Keep up the good 'ibles.

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