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  • XXXX3 commented on EricM139's instructable PVC light stand1 year ago
    PVC light stand

    EricM139 "I plan on adding foil or other reflective surface to the top to help contain the light."First I would take those covers off of the light fixtures which will give you considerably more light. If you are concerned about the tubes breaking you can get clear tube covers at most big box hardware stores. Instead of Al foil I would get one of those long mirrors that you mount to the back of the bedroom door. Much more reflective and they are cheap. One should give you a piece for each side of the lights and maybe the area on the fixture above the tube. You have to cut it or have someone cut it for you though. Of course you could go the simpler route and get fixtures that already have reflectors in them.

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  • XXXX3 commented on Khaleel123's instructable RC Transmitter $5 Battery Pack1 year ago
    RC Transmitter $5 Battery Pack

    Yes, but you have to use either a separate Battery Eliminator Circuit (BEC) or an Electronic Speed Controller (ESC) that has an output for the receiver.

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  • 7 Winter Life Hacks to Keep You Warm

    That gap under the interior doors let the air circulate in a forced air heat and or air conditioning system. Reduced circulation reduce = less of both.

    Yes, but it's hard to chew.

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