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  • Sword Art Online: Elucidator Prop Sword!

    I just now realize I am commenting on a 2 year old post..

    Is it possible to get the pieces laser cut? My father owns an epilogue laser and it can cut through wood easily, I am just wondering if it would effect the outcome of the sword. I have ADHD and my hands shake quite a bit so I am worried about the cutout being ruined from the saw.

    Will do! I plan on getting the wood for it as soon as possible. Our local Home Depot was out of the 1/8 MDF sheets. Gonna try another location once I get the chance. If not, then our local store gets new ones this Friday. Thanks again for all you're help

    Wow! Thanks for the quick reply! Our laser grid is 5 feet by 3.5 feet so it's plenty big. Plus for a guy as short as I am, the sword would be better if a few inches are left off.

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