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anuj19937 months ago

Hello XenonJohn,

I'd love to know how you decided the torque requirements. I mean, it must depend on the maximum angular displacement from the balance point. How did you decide that?

kylerelay11 months ago


hello and thanks for the great instructable! i looked through the comments and was unable to find if i would be able to use a mpu-6050? My thought was it probably wouldnt work considering the lib is for the sparkfun model and changing to the mpu lib would involve changing the code i would assume? any help would be appreciated as i am somewhat new to arduino.

Thanks again

paulbing2 years ago

Hello John,

I'm attempting to build a copy of your Pneu-Skate attempt at pneumatic tyred smaller skateboard https://sites.google.com/site/onewheeledselfbalancing/Home/pneu-skate for my 8th grade report,

and was wondering what your dimensions are, length, width and thickness of board.


karandex6 years ago
 The motors and controllers are hard to comeby for me, so can i build with dc 12v motors and normal wheel or do i need brushless, what is ideal rpm?
Also i already have a nunchuck so i wanted to use motion plus and nunchuk combo, can u suggest the chages or post a code may be? I cant get head or tail by link you provided.
godofal6 years ago
hey, i just looked at ur 2 self balancing skateboard thingies, and i thought that maybe you could place the dead man's buttons directly on the board itself, so that when you step on it, its pressed, and if u fall off, its off...
it must get painly after some time to keep that button pressed with ur fingers...
XenonJohn (author)  godofal6 years ago

Yes I have tried that with a button under left foot on older versions. On my nice twin wheeler the deck is all made of batteries so no space for the internals underneath a standard foot switch.
I need to look around and find a slimline pressure transudcer or something I agree.
Going to try using pressure transducers for steering as well. Going to improve steering software first then do that once I am happy with it.

Best wishes

have you made a write up for your two wheeled electric skateboard? I had plans of building one of these but my senior project, an electric motorcycle conversion, ended up taking all my time this year.
XenonJohn (author)  volcomsnowboard6 years ago
Sorry for extreme delay!

Yes I have just done an Instructable for the basics of a ride on 2 wheeler for you to modify as you want to.

How did the motorbike go? I am thinking of a mountain bike with hidden batteries all through frame - a sort of "sleeper" maniac ebike.

Best wishes

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