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July 6, 2013
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  • tom1213 commented on Xibalbawax's instructable Thumb Prosthesis2 months ago
    Thumb Prosthesis

    hey I just found this site and its amazing, I thought my life as I knew it was over but you all have inspired me. I lost my thumb in a CNC machine dual table my glove got caught between the huge tables and the safety mat failed I literally had to tear my thumb off to not lose any other digits so its gone to the palm, ive got to find a way to make the thumb for practical use and recreation such as riding my motorcycle and I was an avid pool shooter and ive tried to hld the stick diff ways even shoot with opposite side ive been going thru the info and its great im 55 and pretty computer savey but idk anything about 3d printers or where to purchase one or what program would be the best for me to start with. any help or suggestions would be so greatly appreciated maybe I can get part of my life back, this depression is horrible , thank you all again

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  • BenjaminI2 commented on Xibalbawax's instructable Thumb Prosthesis10 months ago
    Thumb Prosthesis

    Is their something like this that I can buy? I have a thumb amputation and could benefit from something like this for typing and other day to day tasks. Let me know when you have the chance. Also, what's the feeling like on the thumb, it is plasticy or does it have the same type of consistency as skin.

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