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  • Hack and upgrade your stereo system with a bluetooth module

    Nevermind, Didnt look at the second reply.

    Thank you for your reply, I want to give my laptop wireless capability because it lacks bluetooth. So what I want is that a bluetooth transmitter will be connected to the laptop, so I can listen to the audio on my bt headphones (streaming laptop audio to headphones).

    If I am correct tgen, connecting the wires to the male jack plug would still be doing the same thing as in your project, because you are connecting those wires to input of the amp. And if I do so then I would using it as an input of what tge device recieved. However I want the opposite, that input is given to the device and it transmits.

    Ok, how would I connect both the device? Because both the device dont have a user interface.

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  • Hack and upgrade your stereo system with a bluetooth module

    Hello There I want to make a bluetooth audio transmitter for me to connect my laptop with 3.5mm jack with my wireless headphones. How will I be able to do so using this module.

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