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  • Toyota Tacoma manual transmission pop out of gear? Here's the simple fix!

    Ok so please help. My 94 toyota pickup pops out of 1st..i replaced all of these items except it seems as though my new cap is just hair bigger than the original and it wont sit down in place like it should..any suggeations on how to get it back down in place so i can pit it back together. Ive gone through 2 now. One of them i had to sand down just a Bit to get the cao to slide down in place so i can put the spring and all back on to use it...but it still popled out. So i havent really once got a new unsanded cap to slide in place in the hole once it was on the end of my shifter. It just wont slide down around the two notched out pin slots on each side .. sorry hope that all makes sense .

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