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  • YngJoe commented on mikeasaurus's instructable Zip Tie Lampshade10 months ago
    Zip Tie Lampshade

    Great idea. Though I'm not personally a fan of the 'tails', it gives me the idea to do the same thing, but backwards, clipping the tails off inside. It should create a great look on the outside and a neat spotted lighting effect.

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  • YngJoe commented on hdsrob's instructable Inexpensive PVC / ABS Monitor Arm1 year ago
    Inexpensive PVC / ABS Monitor Arm

    This is a great idea, and I'm already looking to add it to another instructible that builds a corner desk out of one sheet of plywood. I game and browse the interwebs, and currently I have my 50" and my 47" TV plugged into my computer (I really like my games). I don't have many tools or much experience building, but with your instruction and the corner desk, I think I could make an amazing gaming setup. Thanks and great job. Now I just need to get a second video card to support all three monitors, and three same sized monitors. haha. I play Star Trek Online, and a friend of mine told me how to get it to stretch across three monitors, and since I've been drooling over wanting to do that.

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