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  • _Dono_ commented on krummrey's instructable Bonus: The papercraft moose2 years ago
    Bonus: The papercraft moose

    Thanks for sharing this template krummrey!However I did not managed to make it :((( I did it on A3 with 300 g paper but couldn't glued antles to the head properly. The model is very big and my antlers are too heavy... Tried to save it by putting stiff rolls of paper inside the head for support and adding tape in fragile points but it was not enough. The more I tried to fix it the more the model started to become more flabby and antlers unsticked. Maybe you have some hacks how to glue antlers to the head?Anyway it was fun trying to make it :) I did the deer couple of weeks ago and it was much easier. Maybe I'll try to make the moose again on A4 some other time. Thanks!

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