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Keith-Kid7 years ago
I find your comment on my dragon ible to be offensive.
abnor (author)  Keith-Kid7 years ago
my apologies. i shall delete it
Oi, I've been reading some of your comments on the art instructables, and I agree in principle. The art process takes time and needs to be honed. Tracing and gridding should be used as tools, just like a computer and Photoshop. Personally, I trace or grid references for later use and then sketch them separately into my final works. I realized it hinders my process to constantly check the lines or make a perfect tracing. I've "traced" in Photoshop as well, but the technique and process I was working on required it for the final look. (Usually I'm asked to do a retroscoped-like picture.) But, I never take it as my own work unless I took the picture or have permission, etc. So, with that long comment, thanks for the comments and the thoughts provoked. Keep up the good work.
abnor (author)  thegreatnerd8 years ago
yay. at last. someone can appreciate my jerkface comments :P

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