• Automated Ultrasonic Misting 3D Print Polisher PRO

    Very, very complicated solution for a simple problem. You could have done it way easier.Acetone BOILS at 56 degrees Celsius (133 F) and produces VAPOR. You take dirt cheap ceramic resistor, for example, 6.8Kohm rated at 20W. When plugged in into wall socket with 220V they dissipate 10W of energy. Connect cheap KSD7000 thermal relay rated at 60 degrees Celsius in series for safety and you are done. Electric current will heat the resistor and acetone will boil. Its vapor will fill the box. Relay will cut the current once the temperature rises to 60C. As it cools down to 45C, it will reset and process will repeat.Only one important note - you'll have to use silicone-coated wires, others will be dissolved with the risk of short circuit. You can buy them anywhere, just search for "multimeter probe wires".Even simpler solution - put some acetone in a glass jar, throw something at the bottom and then place your ABS model on top so it won't touch acetone. Close the lid and put the jar into boiling water. Water will ensure that acetone isn't heated above 100C and won't explode. It will just boil nicely.

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