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kleynlei263 years ago
can you please send me an Apple iD ty :))
monishml3 years ago
Send me an apple id please
aratul3 years ago
hy i my name is Ratul i live in bangladesh but i cant create a iphone id wihout credit card i have a id but it is add with my credit card if i use this link its very costly to download the software so pls pls help me to open a id my email address
jhunter93 years ago
Send me an account at
Thanks bro
ksharma43 years ago
yes, u said u can give an itunes acc.
send it to me.....
leivrique3 years ago
i've made it with myself! i'm a Genius! LOL... anyways, THANK YOU! haha
leivrique3 years ago
can you create one for me? here is my e-mail address: would be my pleasure! Thank You! :D
ddw13 years ago
do you have a itunes account ?

can i have it ? please?