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Knexagon9 years ago
I'm not dead yet.
adamsdead (author)  Knexagon9 years ago
his name is adam
Skreetsha8 years ago
wanna enter your rifle?
click here!
jollex8 years ago
Check it out, I posted my sniper.
altaria19938 years ago
Just a notice, the paper model gun instructable is up, see it here.
jackster578 years ago
I made an instructable on a better hopper it never jams. Check it outClick Here
gunmanx9 years ago
dude im glad u took it off that gun was a discrace
Baron A gunmanx9 years ago
whats it to you... the dude can post what he wants? If you do not like it... then thats your problem. personally the gun was pretty cool...
adamsdead (author)  Baron A9 years ago
thanx baron a
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no-probs i did not make the gun, but i was going to then you took it off : P
gunmanx Baron A9 years ago
ok then you know why im happy its off its cuz it gives crossbow a bad name and i bet the chineese guys who invented the crossbow are looking down on him with anger rofl
Baron A gunmanx9 years ago
gunmanx Baron A9 years ago
didnt make sense and plus why should u talk anyway you lie wen u say ur ganna post stuff