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    Arduino Shooting Target Game

    Hellow i followed this tutorial . At the moment i only have conectedArduino + 16x2 Generic LCD + Potencimeter for lcd +switch control for game modesI have conected GND to VDD and K conected 5V+ to VSS and A wire from pin Digital TX->1 to RW of lcdmy potenciometer conected to lcd The switch button for game modes is propperly conected as u instructed in diagram Uploaded your code..NOTHING IS SHOWING ON SCREEN( im trying this tutorial a step by step...cause i see ur diagram is off -- you dont have potenciometer for screen ... you dont have lcd conected in both sides of + and - only in VSS and VDD ) IM AM VERY NEW ... so excuse me

    This is my sketch ... i'm only getting the colored pixels from putting the potenciometer at full

    can u link me to buy ebay one ? or somewhere does not matter if china cheap ones...if i manage to get the game working i will buy the best one :) GREAT PROJECT ..really....JUST EPIC

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