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    MacCupcake2 days ago

    So, this seems to still be an outstanding issue (as I have also received the email about auto-renewal and cannot find a way to turn off auto-renew). Should I just let it expire?

    masoon25 days ago

    If you received notice that says you're going to start getting charged, ignore that. Support wrote:

    Hi Mason,

    This message being generated and your account showing that you have an auto-renewal turned on is actually a bug that we are currently working on. Your Pro Membership was a gift and we will definitely not be charging you when it expires. We do not have any payment information on file for you and so our system cannot charge you.

    Sorry for the inconvenience! Thank you for being a part of our community!


    Support Team @ Instructables


    Support Team @ Instructables

    Soliton1 month ago

    Thanks for the Pro membership , I too could not turn off auto renewal.

    masoon Soliton25 days ago

    I can't either, have you found out anything?

    koroliov1 month ago

    Thank you for pro membership you gave me. Now that I can see it's set to automatic renewal, I can't find the way to switch it off. My ProMemebership page doesn't seem to give me this option. How do I turn off the auto renewal? Could you please let me know? Thank you.

    masoon koroliov25 days ago

    Yeah me too, seems scammy. Should we report this to another admin?

    masoon25 days ago

    I didn't select auto renew and don't want it. The email you sent me directs me to my pro membership and won't let me select auto renew off. Please fix this feature. I do not want auto renew for a fee.

    I am deeply honoured!

    Thank you very much for the Pro Membership!

    If I didn't check the tab I wouldn't have known about this.

    I am really honoured. Thanks for the Pro Memberships!

    Silenz1 month ago

    Thank you for the feature & pro membership. You deserve a cold beer :D


    Thanks for the feature & pro membership

    I would like to report a bug in App for windows
    mobile version. Contents were repeating if bullets were used. But PC
    version is ok. Check the screenshots. I wonder why testing team never spotted this bug. Users will be great full if the bugs were fixed.

    FireShot Capture - EXTRA HANDS FOR SOLDERING - OCTOPUS_ - http___www.instructables.com_id_EXTR.pngwp_ss_20150718_0004.pngwp_ss_20150718_0005.png

    Thanks for the pro membership :D

    MahmoudTolba2 months ago

    Thanks for the pro membership!

    330ohms2 months ago

    Hi Admin, I have a problem with my instructable...The URL is broken, I think that is because of the special caracters ´ " in the Title, can you help me? http://www.instructables.com/id/Caja-para-Arduino-con-corte-l%E1ser-Uno-Mega-Leonard/