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  • A Best kept secret to Losing weight

    This method could actually work, BUT, it mignt become tricky. The most difficult part isn't fasting, it's to eat properly. Since you will have starved for hours, your body will ask for food. AND here is the point : you MUST NOT eat everything you want ! If you eat more calories than you lost while fasting, you'll gain weight. If you are obese, losing weight too fast will leave excess of skin on your body. And that my friend, you don't want it. Also, if you don't have the mental needs/motivation to handle this, just don't be cocky, and eat just healthy (work too, without the sequels). This method is a kind of diet, and is from a certain point of view, not safe for you. If you plan doing it, just ask your doctor before. You have been warned ! :)

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