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Hoopy_Frood7 months ago

Hello aeray! I love the low-waste platform bed, it's ingenious! I was getting ready to build one, but I ran into a problem sourcing the 1x4 lumber. Any length not 8' is SUPER expensive, and I can't even find 14' lengths. Any tips on sourcing materials? I'm guessing Home Depot and Lowes are not the ideal choice...

aeray (author)  Hoopy_Frood7 months ago
Yep, try a local lumberyard. Also, a lot of 1x4 is higher grade lumber, and is intended to be used for trim or cabinets. Make sure you are specifying low grade pine or something similar (depending on where you are). And, stupid question, have you checked to make sure the longer lengths really are more expensive, by the lineal or board foot, than the 8 footers?
Hoopy_Frood aeray7 months ago

Thank you! I'll definitely hit up the local lumber yards. I'm brand new to building so I'm going through a creative re-design effort on the bed frame to see if it can be done with 8' lengths and not leave too much scrap.

As far as the pricing went, I found pine 1x4s at Home Depot... they were "common" grade (not sure if that is the "low" grade, but I think so). 8' boards were $1.90 each. 10' boards were $4.90 each. They didn't have 14' boards. I found hardwood boards, but they were, of course, much more expensive still. Being a total noob, I haven't yet learned pricing standards (lineal vs. board). One other item on a very long list of things I have yet to learn!

Arey thanks for following me, I like your 5 min Artisan Bread. Sounds really nice, good instructable.

dhomstad4 years ago
How did you tag your photos? I read your article on building the queen frame (haven't built it, yet). You have a photo of all the required tools, and I can hover over squares that make text pop up i.e. "tape." I would like to do this for a basic web page I am creating, was wondering how you did it.

stefbranc4 years ago
Hello Aeray,

I wanted to use your instructable to build your tension book shelf. I wanted to make the shelves 6' long X 5' tall.The shelves will be 11" wide (deep). Does this sound like it will work?

What size threaded rod do you think I will need for this structure? What Length and diameter should i get and cut?

Thanks for you help and insight.


chray4 years ago
Hi! I would like to build the platform instructable that you posted, but as a loft. Is this impossible? Should I add supporting pieces of wood?
aeray (author)  chray4 years ago
Yes. Diagonal bracing for both axes of each leg. 1x4 material will work fine, and make them as long and as close to 45 degrees as possible.
chray aeray4 years ago
Does it need support in the middle? Or is that not necessary just because it will be taller?
aeray (author)  chray4 years ago
Exactly. Not necessary.
chray aeray4 years ago
yokozuna5 years ago
You may also want to check out this instructable in relation to your question: http://www.instructables.com/id/Carrot-Caviar/
aeray (author)  yokozuna5 years ago
I remember that one from a while back. Thanks for bringing it back to my attention.
Dr. Pepper5 years ago
aeray (author)  Dr. Pepper5 years ago
Hey yerself.