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Jan. 21, 2016
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  • afehringer_ commented on John Smith's forum topic Herbst Appliance9 months ago

    Okay I have braces, the herbst, and the expander thing. I just got that on two days ago. And let me tell you, it is the worst thing I have ever done. It is cutting up my tongue and the inside of my cheeks. It's so hard to even swallow without my tongue scratching the expander. My mouth is so sore I can't even begin to explain. Another thing is I can not chew to save my life !!! The herbst only alows my mouth to move a little , so there is so much pressure when I chew. After like 10 minutes of chewing the smallest bite, I try to swallow it , and guess what. Nothing goes down my throat. It all gets stuck in my expander and in the side of me cheek. So I have to use my finger to scoop it out which is really nasty. I haven't eaten anything in so long and I'm really hungry. Literally been living off of smoothies. I've cried like the whole time I have had it. I'm really thinking about going to the place and making them take it out, it's not even worth it to me. If you get it, good luck to you.

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