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  • 6.3 kiloWatt Ground Mount Home Solar Array

    The US uses 110v/220v split phase single phase. The transformer on the pole is a center tapped transformer and most of our appliances run from one leg to that center tap ground. We can also tie into both legs and get 220v. This is what the solar systems back feed... 220v. It would be so very simple if all our appliances just ran on 220. I just tried desperately to justify the cost of a sunny island ac coupled inverter, but I'd have to either buy a 2nd unit or buy an auto transformer which costs nearly as much as the 2nd sunny island. In the end, I gave up and went with a separate inverter/charger for my batteries.

    Very nice article. Thanks so much for the behind the scenes details. Also the article about solar making the grid go negative was very insightful. Can you imagine making 99% solar power and only 1% from a generation plant. If a surge on the grid were to cause a frequency shift by 0.5hz, all the solar inverters would go off line all at once. Loads would be shed, cities cut off... and once the grid was stable again, bam all the solar inverters come back on line 5 minutes later all at the exactly same time, exactly the same cycle and the grid trips out. From there it's a nasty repeating event. It would seem prudent for the manufacturers of the grid tie inverters to randomize the time they wait for a grid OK signal.

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  • Individual Beef Wellington with Gorgonzola Cream Sauce

    Two old saying for ya...The best way to a man's heart is through his stomach. No one can argue on a full stomach.Aw heck, these sound wonderful... I haven't even met you and I'm in love. ggg.

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  • Automated Solar Hot Water Power Shower using Black Plastic Pipes

    Would it be wise to have a delay from when the pump is shut off until it begins to fill? That way a person can pause the shower for a few seconds (minute ) and then continue showering. Love the project!

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