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knuckel6 years ago
 like steampunk eh" join my group  !!www.instructables.com/group/steampunkfaces/
bobbyk8818 years ago
Dude your my idol.
aintMichael (author)  bobbyk8818 years ago
wow. thanks.
I am trying to make a ring for my girlfriend out of wood directly from the tree and I cut my hand 4 times. ( I'm not blaming you.) It is kind hard but I'm trying my best. But dude you are a great man for posting those instructions. Thank you, bobbyk881
I just dont have the tools that you have.
aintMichael (author)  bobbyk8818 years ago
You could probably do most of this with just a few different size sharp knives, that just means a little more danger. If you aways remember to cut away from yourself you'll minimize the cuts. I have to say though, my thumbs are wrecked from the number of times I've cut them :) Also Christmas is coming, you can always hint that you "desperately need" a Dremel tool :)
i got a dremel and a big pack of bits fo christmas a nd i am just 11!
I am trying to cut the wood with a hand saw and a Dremel. I wish the wood wouldn't crack. But at least I have the same size wood. I think I need a table saw to cut my wood because it takes so long to cut with a hand saw and a dremel. Oh how do you cut the inside out? Thank you, Bobbyk881
aintMichael (author)  bobbyk8818 years ago
I actually just use the largest drill bit that I have to drill out the center hole. Then I use the Dremel with a round grinding bit to make it the right size. If you're using a saw with a replaceable blade you may need a new one if it's that hard. A good blade should go through a tree branch pretty quick.
I think the branch is still a little green. I just found out that I have a ban saw that I may use that to cut the wood. This weekend I might go to Home Depot and get a larger bit. The type of saw I am using is one of those multi purpose tool saws. It takes me hours to cut the wood but thank god I found out that I have a ban saw. Oh what size is you largest bit for the Dremel? Thank you, Bobbyk881
aintMichael (author)  bobbyk8818 years ago
I actually use a regular drill with a 1 1/2" bit for the center hole, but I think i'm going to get something bigger because it takes me a long time to get that hole big enough
Ok thanks for the advice. Bobbyl881
aintMichael (author)  bobbyk8818 years ago
Super cool!! (not the cutting, but that you're making one) Thanks again, if I can give you any hints let me know.
Yay South Park avatars rock!
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