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I want to know if there is any alternative for Garden quick connector as I am not able to get this from the market..
playmoboy6 years ago
please respond im sorry about the instructable please go to the instructable and answer my question.
deathsithz7 years ago
will you me making instructions on how to make the rockets that you are currently using? and the latest launcher as well?
air.command (author)  deathsithz7 years ago
Hi deathsithz, Our website contains the details of most of the things we build although they are not always easy to find, as we document things as we go. The flight log updates contain both flights and development details. Eventually we would like to add more Instructables here. It's always a fine balance between building and flying the rockets vs. writing about them. :) We try to document the different aspects of the rockets such as how to join them, or reinforce them, building nozzles and then it's up to people to build them how they want. Ultimately water rocketry is all about experimenting with things you have on hand, you may not have access to the same kind of bottles, or components we use. Cheers - George
I don't know if you would be interested but would you like to join the compition for the 40th anniversary of apollo 11.
There is an instructable called water rocket challange (for instructable members) you can read this for the full detail of the compition.

Thanks Oscar
well thank you, I think your rockets are super cool, um do you have any recommendations for starting to build rockets besides the Basic Construction section that you have, and what rocket should i build to build after building the basic rocket, something not too far ahead. please and thanks, also as a side note for the basic rocket i couldn't find anygarden hose tap fittings or Threaded Tap Connectors, for the nossel, is that because i am in the usa?
air.command (author)  deathsithz7 years ago
Hi deathsithz, After you build a few of the basic ones, try to build one with a parachute. Try a simple nosecone-off-at-apogee type deployment first which is not all that reliable but very easy to make and doesn't cost anything. Then progress up to joining two bottles together to get more volume in the rocket. And then try more sophisticated deployment mechanisms like a Tomy Timer. You will find that as you build each rocket you learn something new and will want to improve it in various ways. ... Above all have fun doing it! Cheers - George
one last thing, could you post a link to buy the nossle, and the nossle release? if you buy them online?, but I think you get them locally don't you?
air.command (author)  deathsithz7 years ago
You can't actually by the nozzle, you need to make it out of a cap and a garden hose quick release like this:


The main reason is that bottle threads are non standard and it is virtually impossible to find any commercially available fittings that can go on them. The nozzle release mechanism is just your normal garden hose quick release mechanism available in most hardware stores.

- George
Kryptonite7 years ago
Hi there, if I were to make a small circuit with 4 or 5 mercury switches all angled upside down and turned slightly in do you think I could attach a servo to it to release the pin, pull the door open therefore making the parachute come out? I'm thinking as the rocket goes up the mercury switches will be inverted, therefore disconnecting the circuit and when it starts to come back down the weight of the nose will turn the rocket upside down, completing the circuit. Any ideas if this would work or should I stick with your idea, I'm going for simple & cheap here so I'll do what works.
parachute mechanism.png
air.command (author)  Kryptonite7 years ago
Hi Kryptonite,

Unfortunately that system will not work reliably in flight, although it works perfectly on the ground. Please have a look at the link below, at the 'Counter-intuitive concepts' section and the 'Gravity based deployment' subsection. Which should shed some light on the problem.


Think of the 'hanging weight' as the mercury in the mercury switch. If you are looking for other ideas for deployment systems, you may want to explore the above guide and see what other people have done.


- George

Ahh I see my problem now, any other ideas worth a go that you guys at air command probably think is too amateur, but think might work? Oh well, thanks for telling me, & do you think you could post an instructable on the Katz Stager Mk2? It looks great but I don't have a metal lathe to create some of the pieces.
air.command (author)  Kryptonite7 years ago
Hi Kryptonite, We find that the best solutions are often the simplest ones. One deployment mechanism we always recommend is the Tomy Timer one. It is very cheap, very lightweight, simple to build, doesn't need batteries and has been used by hundreds of rocketeers successfully over the years. The Mk2 stager is still experimental, and we are working on a simpler version of it with more commonplace parts. But that is still a few months away at least. Cheers - George
Hey George, Thank you for all your help, I'm definitely looking forward to the stager, it's a great design & the web page on how it works is amazingly well explained. Any ideas on what specific Tomy Timer do you think I should use? I have sufficient skills to make anything, but with lack of money & resources I need something easy to acquire in terms of parts. Thank you for all your help, & I hope the Mk2 Stager works out alright.
air.command (author)  Kryptonite7 years ago
Tomy Timers can be found in most kids wind up toys, the little plastic walking kind you get at MacDonalds. The timer mechanism can be wound up different amounts to change the delay. Search for Tomy Timer and Water Rocket in Google and you will get lots of examples of instructions on how to use them.