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  • aking14 commented on timcarlielle's instructable How to Make a Chainmail Tie4 months ago
    How to Make a Chainmail Tie

    If you're really lucky, it might stop an arrow to the sternum. Next up, chainmail knee pads.

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  • aking14 commented on fungus amungus's instructable 3D Printed US Population Map5 months ago
    3D Printed US Population Map

    Actually it's about as misleading as anything else. Because of height, it's really only a good representation of the high density population centers. NYC with it's overwhelming height displaces in ways it shouldn't, the areal flat spread population isn't represented well in this map in comparison. Some of those 'near empty' looking states have significant population, it's just spread out and doesn't make much in the way of peaks. The shift between area and height for population with this map would make almost everyone have a lot of errors trying to read it accurately.. NY is roughly 19 million, NC is roughly 10 million, so more than half of NY. But almost no one would judge that correctly with NYC towering over in NY..

    Not knocking it for what it is and looks cool, just recognize it has it's own limitations for trying to present the real population spread accurately..

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  • aking14 commented on jimustanguitar's instructable De-Rust Your Old Table Saw10 months ago
    De-Rust Your Old Table Saw

    Only the volatile parts of WD-40 evaporate. While that's a lot of it, it specifically leaves a residue or it wouldn't work to quiet metal on metal hinges once it evaporated. From one of the discussion groups way back, one of the components is rosin, part of why it attracts dust and dirt after it's been used on something. Great for what it's good for, terrible for contact with things that will need further finishing, like everyone is saying.

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  • aking14 commented on SpecificLove's instructable 10 Places to Hide a Spare Key1 year ago
    10 Places to Hide a Spare Key

    What place is that? Regardless of how great your place and neighbors are, less nice people target neighborhoods by pretending to solicit for other things, and trying the door handle and looking for close keys if they don't get an answer, hear dogs, etc. Your door should normally be locked even when you're at home even in a nice neighborhood, not doing so is like not wearing a seat belt. The correct habit is just as trivial and easy as an incorrect one, it's always the better move to develop the correct habit and let it become the automatic one from a statistics standpoint..

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