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  • akm3726 commented on seanhodgins's instructable Arduino Neural Network Robot2 months ago
    Arduino Neural Network Robot

    That's a neat project. Thanks for the neural network description. I've come across them before but it was good to see one applied to such a simple function. I'll have to play with the ideas a bit, though.

    Just by changing the training parameters, I guess you could make it follow lights, or maybe find the edge of a shadow or shade spot. Good fun!

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  • akm3726 commented on Asier Marzo's instructable Acoustic Tractor Beam1 year ago
    Acoustic Tractor Beam

    This is very interesting! I'm building one and have a few questions. Your materials lists 30 transducers, so I ordered 30. When I printed the bowl, I saw only 24 are used in the first two rows of the array. The other six go in the back or top row, which you don't discus. What is the effect of populating that row? Since I ordered the transducers, I may as well mount them. I assume they mount in the same orientation as the other two rows and are wired in parallel. How are they driven? (i.e. which phase, or is there another driver needed?) Thanks for the posting!

    Thanks, I'll give it a try.

    I ordered a set of transducers early yesterday from Newark. Projected shipping date is Jan 31. It looks like maybe we depleted their stock!

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  • akm3726 commented on theGHIZmo's instructable EEZYbotARM1 year ago

    Problem solved. Junky servo!

    I got the model built. It goes together very well. I used the Maestro board. It does have some nice features. I have one problem. The rotation servo tends to oscillate or chatter. I can prevent this by putting a piece of sandpaper between the base and the rotation plate. That damps the oscillation. I need more drag on the servo so the mass of the arm doesn't cause the chatter. Any suggestions?

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  • akm3726 commented on theGHIZmo's instructable EEZYbotARM2 years ago

    I'm just printing parts now, and I've ordered servos - they will take a while from China. These parts are very cleverly designed. What CAD software did you use?

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