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    Basic moisturizer

    No, you do not have to BUT....it is the time where a large concentration of chemicals are being discarded due to a high metabolic activity during this time. What I did do was switch to using my wife´s urine from mine. I got much better results and I attribute this to the presence of Progesterone hormone. (go to the net and read). Later...I began to use a light mixture of Baking soda and water filtered and passsed through UV light then sterilized with Ozone. I never use distilled water as micro-organisms, chemicals and metals flow in the vapors to be condensed eleswhere. Ozone of a proper concentration for an adequate time frame for the PPM sterilizes and neutralizes chemicals and metals. My results....using urine therapy I regained lost hair folicles due to my age 60 plus. My hair also became more fine and soft. If you do not like this be advised. I did this for 4 months EVERY day in the morning. When I switched to light concentrated sodium bicarbonate I became very happy as the final tiny residuals cleared up and have never come back. With Sodium Bicarb you do not need shampoos as it cleans better and leaves you hair soft and manageable. I do use a smalllllllllll amount of a hair cream -choco keratine; 1gtt (or 1 drop mixed with the same water). Apply only to the hair...not to the scalp! I found that shampoos and conditioners applied later only made my skin burst out with allergic reactions. I no longer ever use them. Bicarb is much cheaper and effective. Use a small amount of bicarb...like 1 tablespoon to 1 liter of filtered ozoned water. Too much will cause problems (scalp skin likes to be acid...but us folks with psoriasis have more than we need). Good luck! and patience.

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  • DIY Atmospheric Drinking Water Generator

    I was writing a comment when the internet went down and have no idea if what I wrote got here so here goes again. I am a doctor who fabricates and works with ozone applications ambiente and with humans. Ozone is probably the most important news of the century because it is changing everything we have known about how to do life in general. Go to the net to discover it better than me writing here. Now.... for those of you who want to apply ozone to water applications. What you need to know is that those aquarium stones will never ever do the job of mixing ozone with water. Yes...I too was led to believe that this was all that was necessary until I read a Bio Chemist Physicist PHD blog on the subject of ozone and water. Here is the scoop.... and this changed my treatment results with patients. WATER HAS NO REASON TO WANT OZONE! It is filled with oxygen atoms and what is ozone??? oxygen atoms! So...you have to change the way of getting this done. One must go micro size in ozone presentation to the water! Yup! that stone just does not cut it!!! Another thing ozone in water lasts minutes....maybe up to 8-10 max if not constantly replaced. So... one needs to create a device that reduces the size of the ozone (micro) and this I did using a 27 gauge injection needle with a special tubing that does not oxidize with 03. Hundreds of perfurations in the small tubing 1/4" got the job done. Now the ozone was circulating like cloud formation instead of droplets. With this change...everything changed. Normal engineers are not aware of this small detail and are fabricationg machines that are excessively inefficient...wasteful of 02 and electricty. My patients began smiling very quickly with this change. So...Ozone is one of the best sterilizers available without serious consequences. It neutralizes drugs...toxic chemicals....minerals etc. BE CAREFUL.... UNDERTSTAND WHAT YOU ARE DOING BEFORE PROCEEDING WITH ITS USE. Correct usage and everything can be marvelous.

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    10 Unusual Uses for Baking Soda

    It would do well to be more informed/edcuated on the real aspects of Urine. It is quite remarkable in its many applications. It is sterile and quite easily consumable for utilizing the huge medical benefits that are scientifically proven. One needs to remember that the smell is a derivation of the many chemicals put out by the body. Go buy these same chemicals and you will have the same odors. Urine therapy has cured many many diseases that western drugs can not. I am doctor... and have thoroughly studied and practiced the use of Urine. It got rid of Psoriasis...untreatable by western medicine. In India....the CENTRAL BANK has appropriated millions of dollars for the construction of a State Controlled Business for the sole purpose of organizing a central collection and distribution of Cows Urine...also suitable for human consumption. Scientific studies have proven that... 1.) The distribution of farm lands eliminates the needs for chemcial pesticides ....bye bye earth contamination! 2.) Eliminates the needs to apply fertilizers....bye bye earth contamination! 3.) Promotes the generation of needed biological species to inhabit the soils for vegetation propagation. And in the end...my dear friends who know nothing about Urine... the farm production increases are minimally 15% without the costs of the stupid pesticides and fertilizers. Americans are so backwards! Oh yes...one other small detail... human urine collection is a BILLION DOLLAR INDUSTRY! For those of you who continue to live by your nose...your cosmetics are full of URINE "UREA". HA! HA! HA! Keep up with your nose in your cell phones...it is all you really need in this life. Let the marketers sell you all the ... you need to be happy!

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