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antoniraj2 years ago

thanks for following... you posted some outstanding instructables on solar power, me too following you

smccord2 years ago
Hello, love the solar baby 2 but wondered if you have blueprints? Maybe in pdf?
Bill WW3 years ago
Thank you for following my Instructables.

Really like your solar power Instructables. Will come back and look in detail. You might like to see my Youtube video of a totally solar powered Stirling cycle engine I built last year:

Is your sailboat a ketch or yawl? (or am I way off - I'm a power boater).
aleutianwind (author)  Bill WW3 years ago
Hi Bill I checked out your engine on U-tube. I like it and will have to try and make one. Where did you find the plans or is it your design.The boat is a 43 ft Pilot house Ketch. I sailed from Alaska to Mexico then sold it and became full time rv'ers home base is port Townsend Wa
salaryguide3 years ago
such a good ideas !
Dr.Bill4 years ago
Ever been to Adak?
jon_murph7 years ago
hey I love your solar panel from garden lights I just had a question for when i make mine (expanding off your idea) for a camper what kind of diode did you use (like when i go into radio shack and tell them i need a diode what should i say) our people at radioshack here are electronics dumb
renzo244417 years ago
I am very interested in using your new setup for the exact same use... to warm up a bathroom floor.. Any chance you are ready to share the knowledge? :) Where did you get that new panel? or you made it? Awesome stuff! All the best, Renzo
aleutianwind (author)  renzo244417 years ago
Hi I got the panel on freecycle.com, I had to solder it in a few spots. I just recently drained the system because of freezing weather and an filling with rv antifreeze. I will be taking pictures soon and post a new instructable. The tank under the floor is the existing 12 volt water tank that I plumbed to the panel. It is completely separate of the fresh water system. It was performing well on the few sunny days we've had this winter.

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