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sabu.dawdy4 years ago
i love the handbag nail case.. talent =) cheers
Wow I love your work very creative your very talented :) I wish one day I'll be as goo as you :D have a nice day bye keep doing what you do best
le petit6 years ago
 such grate things in your web page .....

love your illustrations 
alittlestranger (author)  le petit6 years ago
thanks! :D
 u are so cool this stuff is sweet

kikyomanson6 years ago
Omg, I adore your tutorials >_<~
Keep with that o_ó/ Cute and fuzzy things are allways cute to see.
HeyItsJoana6 years ago
 awesome tutorials! could you make one of your animal brooches?
shabaki6 years ago
cool website! and i see your a flickr fan as well
nick2226 years ago
Hey there, great instructables! nice website BTW.... you sure are a pretty busy girl and... what's with the monsters? they are cute though! keep it up, cheers!!
sk8ter20art6 years ago
Your the cutest girl i have ever seen with purple, pink, blue, etc hair i have ever seen.  I looked at your instructable because of your picture.  I think your style is cool, i like the tentacle charms (not sure why).  Some of your monsters are very cute but very creepy at the same time.
depotdevoid6 years ago
Thanks for subscribing, I have many more instructables in the works, so stay tuned!
kronflux6 years ago
I think I need an instructable on how to make you! you're gorgeous :)
love the cute instructables too, they make for some great gift ideas!
 I fully agree with this person. 

Keep the good instructables coming, even though I most likely won't do them, you do document them very thoroughly. 
mowie6 years ago
Your hair is AWESOME!
shabaki6 years ago
You seem to like monsters