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Mexico City, MEXICO
April 28, 2009
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  • amclaussen commented on KronBjorn's instructable SaturnV Vacuum Rocket Launcher 2 months ago
    SaturnV Vacuum Rocket Launcher

    Nice Instructable. How about putting a lightweight cover that is held down by the vacuum, and then just blown away by the rocket. A simple way would be to seal the cover to the tuve with some thin grease. That could add some máximum height.

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  • amclaussen commented on atenea's instructable Repair of a Delta Belt Sander2 months ago
    Repair of a Delta Belt Sander

    Somebody can help me?Mine is a Sears 6" disc x 4" Belt sander that started to fail to keep the belt on the rollers: If I install the belt centered the rollers, it takes about 20 seconds for the belt to start "walking" towards either the front or the rear of the machine, regardless of the adjustement of the right side roller (if I turn the knob to one side, initially it tends to stop the belt running out of position, but makes it slowly start to go to the other side, so that I'm never able to keep it running centered. This problem was not present when the sander was new, and it behaved OK for three years, and then started acting. Any suggestions? Amclaussen (amarquezclaussen at Hotmail.com)

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