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amisiak (author) 2 years ago
I wouldn't say they put out A LOT of light, but it was definitely enough to trace through 2 sheets of computer paper.

CarolA12 years ago

Important question: I looked up those touch lights and they were LED, and it said you were not supposed to look directly at them, could damage your eyes. So, would these be good for a light box? Would the plastic screen protect your eyes from them?

amisiak (author)  CarolA12 years ago
Hi there,

I looked back at the picture from this post and the lights didn't say LED on the packaging, so I did some digging. According to this walmart website: http://mobile.walmart.com/ip/Meridian-11208-Meridian-14cm-Incandescent-Tap-Light-2-Pack/26441650 (which is where I bought them) the lights are incandescent, NOT LED. They also don't put out that much light, especially with the batteries that are provided, and generally you would be putting somewhat opaque materials over the lightbox before you trace. I think they should be fine to use, but of course I am no doctor/scientist. I hope this answers your question.
CarolA1 amisiak2 years ago
Thank you so much for replying. I was looking just for "touch lights" which I had never heard of before. There are tons on Amazon and they are LED. So, good to know there are incandescent ones. Do the lights from Walmart put out enough light to trace?