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  • 3D Printed Digital Night Vision (The OpenScope)

    Nice project.a couple of possible add ons. .multiple leds for illumination - the one led only uses 1.2v so the rest is getting wasted on the resistor. you could safely put 4 or 5 in series, giving much more light and take no more power.also, maybe consider 940nm leds - they give absolutely no visible light output whereas the 850nm ones glow a dull red (visible in the dark)great idea using cheap camera and monitor though!

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  • andybiker commented on Jules1050's instructable PlexiClock4 months ago

    If you have an engraver and you're putting segments on plexiglass, why not re-create a vintage edge-lit display?These were made by drilling about 100 dots (you could engrave) for each digit in each piece (0-9), Just make sure no two dots overlapYou would need 10 x 4 = 40 pieces instead of 28, but you're mostly there.Like Nixie displays it's nice to see numbers drawn instead of segments.Nice project though,I like it

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  • Privacy monitor hacked from an old LCD Monitor

    I did this to my watch too when I was in school.I had the only lcd watch around with white numbers on a black background.lcd watches were just becoming cheap and common. that was about 37 years ago....

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