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nrebillard1 year ago

Hello andyjagoe !

Could you help me ? i've 2 questions :

1/ i don't know what exact size i've to put on americanframe.com for this screen :

Screen LQ164M1LA4A Size: 16.4-inch WideScreen (14.4"x8.2")

There is Art size and frame size (which one should I use ?) and it is not possible to put 14"4 and 8"2 in the size (for radius colorcast frame)

2/ do you think that a raspberry A+ should fit the frame (it's thinner than B/B+) ? (i've ordered this controller board : http://www.ebay.fr/itm/HDMI-DVI-VGA-Audio-Controll...

Thank you for your answer and have a great day in US (i'm French)


andyjagoe (author)  nrebillard1 year ago
Hi Nicolas, use Art size and set it to the outer dimensions of your LCD screen. I haven't tried with the A+, but am not sure it is that much thinner since I believe it still has an ethernet jack (which is the thickest part of the B+ too).