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Aug. 6, 2015
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I have always been a frustrated astronaut, but a hearing loss kept me grounded. Now after over 30 years in a highly technical public service position, I have more time to devote to my passions; electronics, computers, and most of all, replication of Apollo spacesuits. Spending a good deal of my "free time" over more than a decade, working to per...
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  • Murry1900 and kdarmr commented on anil8tor's instructable Solar Heater for My Shop1 day ago
    Solar Heater for My Shop

    I am thinking a truck/tractor eaton transmission heat exchanger tank, or even an EGR cooler would work very well for mounting to the dish in place of your coil/key box. You could also use any automotive Radiator/heater core/ac condenser/ac evaporator as the interior heat exchanger, specially if your looking to upscale in size. I am a Diesel Mechanic, and I know I can go to work tomorrow and find all the components I need in the scrap bin, solder/braze up some holes and good to go. I may even go with a large air tank off of a truck for the storage tank, as well as a large aluminum Charged Intake Air Cooler as the heat exchanger, equipped with dual 12inch 12vdc radiator fans. Also a front wheel drive car ac condenser that already has a large dc powered fan and shroud attached to it would be ideal, I would think - kdarmr

    sorry for my ignorance, but what is a LNB and what is the black box ? Is it the unit that captures and transfers heat to the water - have you thought of using an oil as it has a greater calorific capacity than water.Think you idea is great.Murry - Murry1900

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  • Victor EmmanuelS commented on anil8tor's instructable Solar Heater for My Shop2 days ago
    Solar Heater for My Shop

    I was wondering if water recirculation could be done drip-coffee-maker style where check valves and water temperature differences would control the recirculation

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  • jaswant9 commented on anil8tor's instructable Solar Heater for My Shop3 days ago
    Solar Heater for My Shop

    Oh wow ! Just the thing I was looking for. I was gonna try that too, but am too lazy. But now that you have done it. I'll surely do it.Thanks for the inspiration and will be waiting for your solar tracking upgrade. If possible try to make it analog, I mean add a comparator instead of arduino to drive the motos.

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    Solar Heater for My Shop

    Okay, I am using the equivalent of a 4' parable, so radius is 2'2' squared x 3.14 x .2 for the average depth = 25.12 square feet25.12 x 430 BTU/Hr = 10801 BTU/Hrsay there is 8 hours usable sunshine = 86412.8 BTU/DAYGuessing its 60% efficient thats 51847.68 BTU/day free added heat to my shop.My pump and fan are run off of photo voltaic cells charging a deep cycle batteryGranted that's just over an hours worth of heat from my household furnace, but as there is no heat in my shop, I'll take it!Thanks for all the info I didn't have to look up to make these calculations!

    It is a 52 inch ellipsoid, designed for multi-sat HD TV on the Ku band.

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  • Ericc815, German_MX, Michael_oz and GTO3x2 commented on anil8tor's instructable Solar Heater for My Shop4 days ago
    Solar Heater for My Shop

    I believe you could substantially improve efficiency using larger discarded water heater tank for thermal mass and mounting home baseboard radiator underneath the tank to eliminate need of pump outside sunshine hours. That would allow turning pump off when not collecting heat - and place checkvalves in the risers to your dish to prevent night time chilling of thermal mass. Your heated airflow would become more efficient and longer lasting. - Ericc815

    This is great. Just want to add this:I'd suggest using propylene glycol. One way to get this is from AMSOIL (American Synthetic Oil (?) ) from independent dealers for automobiles. I believe this will be better against corrosion and I believe a similar chemical is used in building hot water heating systems. I would estimate a 50% solution will give a -25 degree F freezing point and will have a 15% reduction in heat transfer. (~$40/gal.)Also, for reference, the sun, on a clear day and maximum impingement, estimate 430 Btu/s.f./hr. solar gain. (Keep in mind a typical house furnace is 48,000 Btu/hr output (80% eff., 60 MBH input (60,000 btu/hr.) (1400 s.f. house, above average insulation, 80 degree design delta T)). Natural gas is doing THAT much for you!Don't expect any usable capacity from hot water storage from 20 gallons. (lol) You might need a bladder type expansion tank too (Watts domestic hot water (2 gal (?) - Home Depot, set for 20 psi (?)).Great project. I'd be interested in your results and comments. (I bet I know what they'll be like (lol)) -Ohio - GTO3x2

    What is the size of the dish? - Michael_oz

    You're welcome. This is what i like about this community. Help one each others.Furthermore, between all DC Motors (stronger than AC motors), i recommend one with a gearmotor included, for extra power.The cheapest option i have found is a motor for a Car Windshield cleaner.Those work on a 12VCD power supply (Car battery or a PC power source).NOTE: Be very carefull on this ones, they may be slow, but have a lots of torque or a twisting force.It´s tempting try to stop them with your hands (not my best idea), and could got hurt.So, greetings, and i wish you success. - German_MX

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