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i might get a youtube today, wats ur account.
animan1 (author)  EncasedDeath7 years ago
"1animan" (without the " "s) wats yours? bart IS stupid
mine is logangina, btw my ascii is of homer not bart. but since u said bart stinks ill make one and put it on
wen r u going to get ur this n that cards posted
animan1 (author)  EncasedDeath7 years ago
told you need time
it takes me half an hour to make an ible
Hey I was woundering if you would Like to do an Multi person Instructable I used your dollar bill shirt and Added Parts and made it into a full person and was woundering if you would like to work on an instructable for it
animan1 (author)  spiritwolf79847 years ago
like what? do you mean I make the ible or WE make the ible (sorry i took long) describe what you want
Well Because I use your Dollar Shirt instructable If i did make this instructable would you want it to be a collaboration instructable?
animan1 (author)  spiritwolf79847 years ago
if your talkin bout addin pants then theres one ible already.
I added Pants,Moveable Long sleeves,shoes,and a head!
animan1 (author)  spiritwolf79847 years ago
how the heck did u add a head??? hey get on at 5 eastern time plz
ill try thats 2 Pm here
ok it's 5 Pm Eastern time I think :D
animan1 (author)  spiritwolf79847 years ago
i ment the 1st of july..... *sigh* lol