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drwebster3 years ago
lotsa cool!
dendenny013 years ago
Thanxs a lot sir .Thank You very much...
dismissie4 years ago
Hi annahowz- thanks so much for the patch!- I haven't been here for a couple months, otherwise I would have thanked you sooner.
Thank You for giving me my first patch (not including the winning robot patch), I really appreciate it!
Hey Anna how's it going? :)
Thank you for the patch Anna, very kind.
Thanks for the patch! :D
dismissie5 years ago
Hi annahowardshaw- thanks so much for the patch!
I have just looked through your 'ibles... they look great (some slightly geeky - which I like)... I will take my time to look through them all! Thanks so much for all your efforts in sharing them!
annahowardshaw (author)  rocketsurgery5 years ago
Only slightly? I'll have to work on that....

Thank you for the patch, that is super nice of you!