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  • annelikarlsten commented on annelikarlsten's instructable Cooked Sun8 months ago
    Cooked Sun

    Hey thanks :)My inspiration for the construction and to make use of the solar/water prism combination for cooking/heating water, came from a YouTube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eeSyHgO5fmQ,Although this Cooked Sun idea does feel so basic in a way so I can't imagine it not already being put into practice since years ago in many places, hence probably not making it my unique and first-ever idea :)But then again, I haven't seen it anywhere before myself, so maybe I got lucky with this one?Cheers!

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  • annelikarlsten commented on annelikarlsten's instructable Cooked Sun9 months ago
    Cooked Sun

    Thanks for the comments, guys :)We've had a great amount of sunshine here these last few days, and I simply took one glass bowl, app. 20 cm across, with a round bottom, and poured some water in it. I put it on a temporary stand of brick stones, allowing the sun to shine down through and below the bowl and the water. It turned out that a focal point was created, and when I placed a small piece of dry wood where the light was brightest, it took about 30 seconds before it started to smoke.It simply works as a magnifyer glass, so boiling water or lighting fires is a piece of cake with just a glass bowl and some water (and some sunshine!) :)

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