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(removed by author or community request)
antonk (author)  instructable doggie6 years ago


(removed by community request)
haha, that is funny!
Lolz, he just deletes everyones comment here i guess :S
antonk (author)  Skreetsha6 years ago
i didnt delet any comments
But why are instructable doggie and The Jamalam's comments deleted, then?
antonk (author)  Skreetsha6 years ago
WELL IT WASNT ME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The "owner"of the page is able to delete comments. The only other way it is possible that they got deleted is that at least 2 people said it was spam. If not, then you did it, no offense. :-)
antonk (author)  Skreetsha6 years ago
then it was spam
(removed by some guy)
(Removed by Instructables Robot and Your Mom)
(removed by anonymous) :O
(Removed to prison) XD
i typed that in lolz