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gibzbox4 years ago
cool...Hello Aphrael...I named my daughter Aphrael also...she's now a year and a half...I loved the elenium series, that's why. ..i'm a graphic artist and like crafts during weekends...and although the name is what got me into this page, i think there's a lot i could enjoy learning here. and probably share with everyone also.

Wolframite7 years ago
Is your name taken from the little goddess in the David Eddings books?
aphrael (author)  Wolframite7 years ago
Yes :D... I really liked the series, and thought it was a beautiful name :) I actually chose the name for some other website and didn't want to come up with new names for every website, so I just stuck with this one :D Did you like the books?
Yes I read them when I was 11 or so, and loved them. They influenced my imagination a great deal. Aphrael was one of my favorite characters in the series. :D
aphrael (author)  Wolframite7 years ago
yeah, I haven't read them in a while either... As part of the series there's actually 1 book about how the writer constructed that world and stuff like that. I can't remember what it was called, I was a little too young to have enough of an attention span to read it in full back then. But now I think about it, that should be a great read :)
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