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  • 3D Printed Digital Night Vision (The OpenScope)

    Could the same thing be done with a Raspberry Pi Zero and a Raspberry Pi noIR Camera? Dang! I guess I am going to have to find out. Thanks for the great project and the ideas!!!!

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  • arcmatt commented on 86's instructable Arduino and Plotly Based Seismograph2 years ago
    Arduino and Plotly Based Seismograph

    This is a seismometer, not a seismograph. A seismometer is a singular device that is used to detect seismic activity, and may even record that data in some format. A seismograph is a device that may have a single point of observation or many (often geophones) and stores the data in some format which may include a graph or chart but a seismometer may also include these data representation formats. Great project though

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