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NamrithaM6 months ago
This is great. Looking at your DP, you seem to be a very young person.
But how do you know so much about electronics? This is just awesome!!
Or perhaps I'm wrong bout your age.
BTW, I'm from TN, India.
argha halder (author)  NamrithaM6 months ago

Thanks a lot :) !! It means a lot to me!! You are right, I am 15 years old. I am really interested in electronics, which is why I learned a few things about electronics from books and internet. Anyway, thanks again for your kind words.

TechnoS28 months ago

You are grate . i watch your youtube video . make more video man :) best of luck.

argha halder (author)  TechnoS28 months ago

Thanks a lot!!

Dipankar1 year ago


Thank You copy.jpg
argha halder (author)  Dipankar1 year ago

You are welcome.

Hello I am from West Bengal and I am also 14 your stuffs are awesome .....

please contact me using the private message sector of instructable..

Thanx! for following bro! I am from india . You Are Awesome and have have awesome ideas

Thank you!! And I am from Bangladesh, so we are neighbors too!

Cyberchipz1 year ago

I'm impressed with what you're doing! You seem to have a firm grasp of what's going on. I hope I'm around when you find a cheap way to make energy! ;-) They key is to find a way to turn reactive power back into real power. But, I don't want to sidetrack or derail you. Keep up the good work! And from the whole community, thank you for your projects and time you give to the community!

argha halder (author)  Cyberchipz1 year ago

Thank you so much Sir! This means a lot to me and the support from the whole instructable community has inspired me to keep making better projects indeed. And with each of my project I am learning new bits of information about electronics and I am meeting people like you who is inspiring to improve further! Thank you once again! And I hope my projects entertain you in the future!

hii argha,
first of all i would like to congratulate your tallent and your exiting projects.
i am from west bengal.. india. just beshide your country. i think you khow bengali as me..
well all the best. and keep going.

argha halder (author)  ajoyjit.ghosh1 year ago

Thanks!! You guessed it right, I am Bangali as well. And best of luck to you too!!


iam aadhavan form tamilnadu india

i like all of ur projects because it is very cheap very effctive

1 que r u from newyork??

keep going all the best...............

argha halder (author)  aadhavan gs1 year ago


I live in New york, but I am from Bangladesh. Its great to know someone from India. ( I have been to India quite a number of times.)

All the best to you too! And it would be my pleasure if my projects help you!