• ariachus commented on OrenK9's instructable Squares and Triangles Decoration Box2 months ago
    Squares and Triangles Decoration Box

    I'm sorry but the moment I saw this was d12, even though its 14, this was solidly reinforced when you said it had no problem holding your wight :Dfor those who don't know a wight is a type of ghost.

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  • ariachus commented on CBGjr's instructable Screened Solar Air Heater2 months ago
    Screened Solar Air Heater

    A small suggestion/expansion on your idea of using solar cells to power the fan. I would suggest using a smallish solar cell devoted to the heater and mount it close to the heater. Then use a vent valve similar to those found on dryer outputs which is closed when not in use and the air pressure from the dryer opens it. When the solar cell mounted near the heater is in the sun it will supply power to the fan which will blow open the vent and circulate the warm air. When there is more sun it will circulate the air faster when there is less it will circulate slower giving air more time to warm in the heater. Pros: no issues with electronic sensors failing or the funkiness sensors can involve, requires no external power source Cons: you will lose some residual heat just after sundown that is still held in the concrete board. BTW I am flagging this and will revisit it when I am no longer renting. I think this would be an excellent way to heat an external garage or shed/shop.

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