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Oct. 18, 2016
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  • Block ads with your netgear router!

    Rather block ads by using Alternate DNS's DNS servers.It's much much better than blocking ads by getting a browser extension(s), here's why:- Extensions make browsers "fat" and resource hogs- Ad blocking extensions do the ad blocking on your computer/device meaning CPU and RAM heavy tasks (ad blocking) consume system resources- Ad blocking extensions are VERY high on CPU & RAM demands.- Ad block extensions have access to YOUR data & PRIVATE DATA on all your sites/windows/tabs.It's much better to block ads on server side meaning faster download speeds (ads already filtered out) and more responsive system (ad blocking done server side before internet traffic is pipelined to you).If you cannot change DNS addresses on your router, alternatively you can use Opera browser which has built-in ad blocking (server side). Opera also has built-in VPN.But if you can change DNS on u router then rather at looking Opera better is Vivaldi browser. Look it up it's AMAZING!* Both Opera and Vivaldi use Chromium/BLINK engine (same what Chrome uses), so one can use Chrome Web Store extensions on your Vivaldi! (or Opera :) )

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  • Block Ads with your router by using Ad-blocking DNS Servers

    dergot,FB, Youtube, Google - and the likes makes money from selling raw and analyzed data on users to private entities that in many cases use that data to ploy on how to better sell useless stuff.

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