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  • armins2 commented on armins2's instructable Make iBeacon2 months ago
    Make iBeacon

    I mean some 'm' not 'cm'

    See this : https://forum.arduino.cc/index.php?topic=288624.0

    Ok understand now hm-10 module have very accurate range reading up to some 'cm' , as we know that hm-10 cn work as broadcast or transmitt mode you must play with AT commands to make your 'master' module find ibeacons i dont tested that for now i dont have hm-10 with me so i can't test it but try finding something like hm-10 ibeacon finder.

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  • armins2 commented on armins2's instructable make iBeacon2 months ago
    make iBeacon

    Hi nice to see someone interested in this project for a year ago , sorry for not fast responsive reply i forgot about this tutorial, ok for you question i don't tested it but i think it can be done with AT commands if you controlled module with Arduino you can easly make functions with at comands set so to more help you i must fully understand what you want you can write me to PM or something like that.

    Hello , if i understand question you asking about mobile app side or to read some value with hm10 + Arduino can you be more precisely , hope i can help .

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