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theargha2 years ago

ur ibles r awesom

artworker (author)  theargha2 years ago

Thanks! Anything specific that you liked?

yep the matchstick modelling kit
ecsaul232 years ago

Thanks for following!

cahelming2 years ago

it is an honor to see someone seeing reason to follow my creations. Sincerely I thank you!

Thank you for following me and viewing my instructables. Warmly Scott
thanks for following me!
thnx for following me...:)
thank you for the patch you sent
Hi I follow You please Me Follow !!
2hot2hack5 years ago
i need somthing like this. but the text will say "MC MULISHA" will you do it for me plz
artworker (author)  2hot2hack5 years ago
Sorry! I seen your comment today only. I will try to get it done and send it to you before this weekend! You want me to totally copy the look of this thing, with the IAM thing also?
yes plz but no i am
artworker (author)  2hot2hack5 years ago
Some more time will be required as I am looking for a satisfactory font. Or I have to make one by hand.
thank you so much