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  • arusticat commented on stevebod's instructable Build a Bicycle Sidecar3 months ago
    Build a Bicycle Sidecar

    When I read this - what the author has done and shared - and the family orientation aspect to the project, and then I read the other ideas which are given and received in the best possible spirit - I come away thinking that the world is a pretty good place.

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  • arusticat commented on mick bull's instructable Cargo bike / Ice Cream Bike6 months ago
    Cargo bike / Ice Cream Bike

    Never have tried something remotely like this, and appreciating the workmanship, I am still skeptical about the steering. It seems like the bike would be unwieldy in regard to this one aspect - particularly if the front bin has 250 lbs of cargo in it. I have this pipe dream to sell used books at the beach - beach reading. So I would have a bookshelf on the front of mine and I would move along the boardwalk (sidewalk, street) and sell to people I encounter. And, I guess, when they try to arrest me for doing commerce at the beach without a license - well they'd have to run pretty fast to catch me.

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  • arusticat commented on Carleyy's instructable 13 Unusual Uses for a Hair Dryer7 months ago
    13 Unusual Uses for a Hair Dryer

    Lot of great ideas - I particularly liked the idea of gently softening plastic items (like the bows on eye-glasses) enough to reshape them without breaking them in the process. I slept in an unheated bedroom as a kid and, when I went to bed, I kicked my legs back and forth until the blankets heated enough to be comfortable - so I find heating one's linens and blankets at bedtime using a hair-dryer a little too "cute" However, my father was a diabetic and cold extremities came too easily and were a real discomfort for him. I remember him once taking some lit/hot light bulbs, wrapping them in newspaper and stuffing them under the covers at the bottom of his bed - he ended up starting a fire in his bed - burned a rather large hole in a homemade patch-work quilt.

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